Big Ladder Software

Welcome to Big Ladder!

We are a Denver-based software and consulting company offering services at the intersection of computer programming, engineering, and energy simulation.

We specialize in creating open source software tools for designing and modeling the built environment.

We are also interested in developing software to help solve energy problems in related fields, from renewable energy to transportation.


As a software company we handle all phases of a project: design, implementation, testing, documentation, user support, and training.

Unlike most software companies, we operate on a different business model. We don’t sell shrink-wrapped commercial software. We plan to offer the majority of our products free of charge under open source licenses.

How is this possible? Development is paid for by partnering with companies that need better software tools to get their job done. There is a strong business case for adopting and supporting open source software. Other partners, such as non-profit organizations, government institutions, or utility companies, want to see these tools made available for the benefit of the entire industry.


As a consulting company we specialize in whole-building energy modeling using the EnergyPlus simulation engine. We seek out projects that advance the state-of-the-art, allow us to develop new skills, and allow us to test our software tools on real projects.


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