Big Ladder Software

Atom Package for EnergyPlus

Atom is a free and hackable text editor from GitHub. It is hackable because anyone can develop a package in order to highlight, manipulate and perform various other tasks for a given file type while working in Atom. This package was developed to improve workflow processes for working in EnergyPlus and Modelkit files.


  • Syntax highlighting for EnergyPlus object classes, numeric input fields, text input fields, and comments
  • Auto-complete EnergyPlus objects with input fields filled with default values
  • Auto-complete Modelkit code blocks
  • Link to web documentation for EnergyPlus objects


To download and install this package, the easiest process is to use the Atom text editor first with the following process.

  • Download and install the Atom text editor.
  • View Atom’s settings using the menu command File / Settings on Windows, Atom / Preferences on Mac, or Edit / Preferences on Linux.
  • Click on the Install section on the left of the settings window.
  • Type “language-energyplus” into the Search packages window at the top and hit Enter (be sure that the Packages button on the right is selected and not the Themes button).
  • Click on the Install button near the lower-right corner of the “language-energyplus” package window.