Application Guide for EMS — EnergyPlus 22.2

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Debugging EMS Programs[LINK]

This section discusses approaches to debugging Erl programs. As you develop your own programs, you will need to identify and correct coding problems. The task of debugging an Erl program is challenging. Compared to most programming, with integrated development environments and sophisticated debugging interfaces, the Erl programmer has only rudimentary tools available for debugging. If you have some type of developer license and EnergyPlus source code, you could debug Erl programs inside a full-featured debugging environment (such as IVF integrated into VS9). But this is only for extremely advanced users and developers implementing EMS related code inside EnergyPlus. Most users’ EMS should have little need to deal with compilers and development environments, because enough information is produced by EnergyPlus when it runs their Erl programs. This section examines output related to EMS in an effort to help you debug your Erl programs.