Application Guide for EMS — EnergyPlus 22.2

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On-Site Electricity Production[LINK]

Generator Dispatch[LINK]

An actuator called “On-Site Generator Control” is available with a control type called “Requested Power.” This actuator is available in models that have on-site electrical generators. The units are Watts. This control allows you to use the EMS to override how requests for power generation are dispatched.

The unique identifier is the name of each generator. The Erl programs should set the actuator value with Watts. Depending on the type and limitations of the generator being modeled, the power production may not exactly meet what is requested.

Electrical Storage[LINK]

Actuators called “Electrical Storage” are available with control types called “Power Draw Rate” and “Power Charge Rate” (in W). These are available in models that have ElectricLoadCenter:Storage:Simple input objects. These controls allow you to use the EMS to override the rate of charging or drawing from storage.

The unique identifiers are the names of the storage objects. For a given timestep, the electrical storage device can only charge or draw. If the EMS tries to override charge and draw during the same timestep, the program will find the larger of the two and apply the difference in that direction.