Application Guide for EMS — EnergyPlus 22.2

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User-Defined Component Models[LINK]

This section provides an overview of how you can use EMS to create your own custom models for HVAC and plant equipment. EMS can be used not only for controls and overriding the behavior of existing models, but also to implement entirely new component models of your own formulation. Such user-defined component models are implemented by writing Erl programs, setting up internal variables, sensors, actuators and output variables that work in conjunction with a set of special input objects in the group called “User Defined HVAC and Plant Component Models.”

This system provides a means of modeling new types of equipment that do not yet have models implemented in EnergyPlus. The capability to add new custom models should have a wide variety of creative applications such as evaluating the annual energy performance implications of new types of equipment and providing a mechanism for including “exceptional calculation methods” in your EnergyPlus models.

This section first introduces common characteristics of the user-defined component models and then goes into more detail on each of available component modeling shells that are used to connect user-defined models and algorithms to the rest of EnergyPlus’ HVAC and plant simulations.