Auxiliary Programs — EnergyPlus 8.8

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Weather Data Availability[LINK]

Typically, acquisition of weather data has been a user’s burden. Though this will remain the case in many instances for EnergyPlus users, the EnergyPlus team has been successful in making a wealth of US, Canadian and International data available to our users. To summarize, the weather data for 2092 locations is available at the EnergyPlus web site:

The details are shown in Table. Summary of Downloadable Weather Data by Type. This data has been selected with the energy simulation user in mind. All the data (as well as the statistical reports - described later in this document) are downloadable for individual locations.

Comparison of E/E with ESP-r/DOE-2/BLAST Weather Data Formats
Data Element DOE-2 BLAST ESP-r E/E
Location (name, latitude, longitude, elevation, time zone) X X X X
Data source X
Commentary X X
Design conditions X
Typical/extreme periods X X
Data periods X
Holiday/Daylight Saving X X
Solar Angles/Equation of Time Hours X
Degree Days X X
Year X X X X
Month X X X X
Day X X X X
Hour X X X X
Minute X
Data source and uncertainty flags X
Dry bulb temperature X X X X
Wet bulb temperature X X
Dew point temperature X X
Atmospheric station pressure X X X
Humidity ratio X X
Relative humidity X X
Enthalpy X
Density X
Wind Speed X X X X
Wind Direction X X X X
Infrared Sky Temperature X X
Solar Radiation (global, normal, diffuse) X X X X
Illuminance (global, normal, diffuse) X
Sky cover (cloud amount) X X
Opaque sky cover X
Visibility X
Ceiling height X
Clearness (monthly) X
“Undisturbed” Ground temperatures (monthly) X X
Present weather observation and codes (rain, snow) X X
Precipitable water X
Aerosol optical depth X
Snow depth X
Days since last snowfall X
Albedo X
Liquid Precipitation Depth X
Liquid Precipitation Quantity X