Guide for Module Developers — EnergyPlus 9.1

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High Level HVAC Calling Tree (schematic – not all routines are shown)[LINK]

ManageHVAC (in HVACManager)

  • ZoneAirUpdate(‘PREDICT’, . . .) (in HVACManager)

estimate the zone heating or cooling demand

  • SimHVAC (in HVACManager)

  • ManageSetPoints (in SetPointManager)

  • SimSelectedEquipment (in HVACManager)

  • ManageAirLoops (in SimAirServingZones)

  • ManageZoneEquipment (in ZoneEquipmentManager)

  • ManageElectricLoadCenters (in ElectricPowerManager)

  • ManagePlantLoops (in PlantManager)

  • ZoneAirUpdate(‘CORRECT’, . . .) (in HVACManager)

From the amount of heating and cooling actually provided by the HVAC system, calculate the zone temperatures.

Each of the “Manage” routines has a different structure, since the simulation to be performed is different in each case. We will show schematic calling trees for several of the “Manage” routines.