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Difference between EIR and Reformulated EIR Chillers[LINK]

What is the difference between the EIR and ReformulatedEIR models of Electric Chillers? I am getting strange results.

The COP of a chiller is a function of part load ratio. It is mainly determined by the Energy Input to Cooling Output Ratio Function of Part Load Ratio Curve. When the EIR model is used for an electric chiller, the curve has an independent variable: part load ratio. For the ReformulatedEIR model, the curve requires two independent variables: leaving condenser water temperature and part load ratio. Each independent variable has its min and max values. If a variable is outside the allowed range, the nearest allowed value is used, possibly resulting in an unexpected result.

If you would like to compare COP values for two types of chillers, you may need to ensure that the same conditions are applied. For simplicity, you may want to use a spreadsheet to calculate the curve values.