Auxiliary Programs — EnergyPlus 9.4

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Performance Data[LINK]

The performance data set entered depends on the type of independent variables selected. To generate performance curves (e.g. DX Coils) as a function of temperatures require the capacity and power data at various combinations of indoor and outdoor coil entering air temperatures at a rated supply air flow rate. And performance curves (e.g. DX Coil) as function of flow fraction require capacity and power data at various supply air flow rates and rated indoor and outdoor coil entering air (or water) temperatures. The performance data set may include the rated data as one of the data points. The performance data set is entered starting from row 15 and down for each of the variables as shown in Figure [fig:curve-fit-tool-input-interface].

The total cooling and heating capacities must be the gross values, i.e., not corrected for the supply fan heating effect. Also the input power has to exclude the supply air fan power, but includes other miscellaneous power inputs (e.g. control panel power). If manufacturers provide the total power, then the supply fan power must be deducted from the former. If the capacity and power data are normalized values, then enter 1.0 for rated gross capacity and power in the Rated Data input Cells range (B11:E11 in the INPUT tab). Two samples of performance and rated data set are included in the “INSTRUCTION” tab.