Auxiliary Programs — EnergyPlus 9.4

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RunEPlus batch file[LINK]

It is simple to run EnergyPlus: open a DOS or CMD box in the EnergyPlus directory and use the RunEPlus.bat procedure file. The procedure file takes two arguments - the input file name (containing the building description) and the weather file name:

RunEPlus <input_file_name> <weather_file_name>

Though it’s possible to supply arguments to the batch file with embedded blanks, it’s better practice not to. More extensive information about the intricacies of EnergyPlus execution is given in the next parts of this section.

As installed, the RunEPlus is ready to run the sample files that are included. If you wish to create and run other files, you may wish to modify the batch file to your own preferences. See “RunEPlus details” later in this document for parts of the batch file that you will need to modify.