Auxiliary Programs — EnergyPlus 9.4

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Weather Data Availability[LINK]

Typically, acquisition of weather data has been a user’s burden. Though this will remain the case in many instances for EnergyPlus users, the EnergyPlus team has been successful in making a wealth of US, Canadian and International data available to our users. To summarize, the weather data for 2092 locations is available at the EnergyPlus web site:

The details are shown in Table [table:summary-of-downloadable-weather-data-by-type]. Summary of Downloadable Weather Data by Type. This data has been selected with the energy simulation user in mind. All the data (as well as the statistical reports - described later in this document) are downloadable for individual locations.

Comparison of E/E with ESP-r/DOE-2/BLAST Weather Data Formats
Data Element DOE-2 BLAST ESP-r E/E
Location (name, latitude, longitude, elevation, time zone) X X X X
Data source X
Commentary X X
Design conditions X
Typical/extreme periods X X
Data periods X
Holiday/Daylight Saving X X
Solar Angles/Equation of Time Hours X
Degree Days X X
Year X X X X
Month X X X X
Day X X X X
Hour X X X X
Minute X
Data source and uncertainty flags X
Dry bulb temperature X X X X
Wet bulb temperature X X
Dew point temperature X X
Atmospheric station pressure X X X
Humidity ratio X X
Relative humidity X X
Enthalpy X
Density X
Wind Speed X X X X
Wind Direction X X X X
Infrared Sky Temperature X X
Solar Radiation (global, normal, diffuse) X X X X
Illuminance (global, normal, diffuse) X
Sky cover (cloud amount) X X
Opaque sky cover X
Visibility X
Ceiling height X
Clearness (monthly) X
“Undisturbed” Ground temperatures (monthly) X X
Present weather observation and codes (rain, snow) X X
Precipitable water X
Aerosol optical depth X
Snow depth X
Days since last snowfall X
Albedo X
Liquid Precipitation Depth X
Liquid Precipitation Quantity X