Guide for Module Developers — EnergyPlus 9.4

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DataGlobals contains parameters, variables, Interface descriptors that could be used by every part of the program. For example, this is where the “MaxNameLength” (maximum name length (characters) of objects. All other pieces of the code that need this will need to

USE DataGlobals

and, if that’s the only piece it needs, can say

USE DataGlobals, ONLY: MaxNameLength

Interface specifications for the ShowError routines are here because there are optional parameters in these routines. Then,

USE DataGlobals, ONLY: ShowWarningError, ShowFatalError

can be used safely from any routine. Constants such as Pi (p), Degrees To Radians, and Number of Seconds in Hour are also stored there. Remember that we suggest compiling EnergyPlus in double precision and these constants (as should all constants) are representative of double precision (even if someone were to compile in single precision).

Finally, the interface specifications for the Setup Report Variables is contained in this module. The interface allows for a single call for accomplishing that while actually forking to call several different routines based on the type of data being used.