Output Details and Examples — EnergyPlus 9.4

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This file is available from standard EnergyPlus runs (batch file, EP-Launch, etc) where the included utility “ReadVarsESO” is used to create .csv or other delimited files. It shows what steps were taken during the read vars run(s) – in standard EnergyPlus runs there are two: one for the .eso file and one for the .mtr file. Contents might be:

Mon 04/02/2007 19:34:17.09 ReadVars



input file:eplusout.eso

output file:eplusout.csv


1 Outdoor Dry Bulb

6 Zone/Sys Air Temperature

6 Zone/Sys Sensible Cooling Rate

6 Zone/Sys Sensible Heating Rate

6 Total Water Heating Coil Rate

1 Total Water Cooling Coil Rate

1 Sensible Water Cooling Coil Rate

2 Plant Loop Cooling Demand

2 Plant Loop Heating Demand

1 Boiler Gas Consumption Rate

1 Boiler Heating Output Rate

1 Chiller Electric Power

1 Chiller Evap Heat Trans Rate

1 Chiller Evap Water Inlet Temp

1 Chiller Evap Water Outlet Temp

1 Chiller Evap Water Mass Flow Rate

1 Chiller Cond Heat Trans Rate

0 Chiller Cond Water Inlet Temp

0 Chiller Cond Water Outlet Temp

0 Chiller Cond Water Mass Flow Rate

2 Pump Mass Flow Rate

2 Pump Outlet Temp

ReadVars Run Time = 00hr 00min 1.78sec

ReadVarsESO program completed successfully.



input file:eplusout.mtr

output file:eplusmtr.csv

getting all vars from:eplusout.mtr

ReadVars Run Time = 00hr 00min 0.00sec

ReadVarsESO program completed successfully.