Input Output Reference — EnergyPlus 9.0

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The Energy+.ini file is read by the EnergyPlus.exe program and is very important to the simulation run. In specific, this file contains a pointer to where the Energy+.idd file will be found. More description of the Energy+.ini contents is contained in the Auxiliary Programs document.

For the advanced user, there is also the “EPMacro” program, described in the Auxiliary programs document. You run it as a separate program before EnergyPlus (the batch file included in the install and shown in the GettingStarted document contains the commands). It is automatically run if you use the EP-Launch program.

EnergyPlus may create several output files. Whether some files are produced depends on the actual simulation (for example, the .rdd file is only produced when you request a Variable Dictionary using the Output:Report object). Similarly, the .dxf file is only produced when a DXF surface report is requested. Common output files are shown in the following table. A complete, up to date list is shown in the “Output Details and Examples Document”.

EnergyPlus Output Files
FileName Description
Eplusout.audit Echo of input
Eplusout.err Error file
Eplusout.eso Standard Output File (contains results from both Output:Variable and Output:Meter objects).
Eplusout.eio One time output file
Eplusout.rdd Output variable Data Dictionary
Eplusout.dxf DXF (from Output:Report,Surfaces,DXF;) Similar to .eso but only has Meter outputs.
Eplusout.mtd Meter details report – what variables are on what meters and vice versa.
Eplusout.end A one line summary of success or failure (useful for Interface programs)
Eplusout.dbg From Debug Output object – may be useful to support to help track down problems
Eplusout. < ext > Not directly from EnergyPlus – produced by utility programs that read the .eso file and produce output files for spreadsheet programs
Eplusout.sln Similar to DXF output but less “formatted”. Results of Report Surface, Lines object.
Epluszsz. < ext > Results from the Zone Sizing object with extension noted by the Sizing Style object. This file is “spreadsheet” ready.
Eplusssz. < ext > Results from the System Sizing object with extension noted by the Sizing Style object. This file is “spreadsheet” ready.
Eplusout.bnd This file contains details about the nodes and branches. Useful in determining if all your nodes are connected correctly.
Eplustbl. < ext > Results from various “Report Table” and a few other reporting commands. The extension is from the “style” command and this file is “spreadsheet” ready.