Auxiliary Programs — EnergyPlus 9.4

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AppGPostProcess - Appendix G PostProcessing program[LINK]

The baseline for Standard 90.1 Appendix G requires simulating the baseline building in four cardinal directions and comparing the average of those simulation results with the proposed building simulation results. The AppGPostProcess utility helps perform the averaging needed. The utility takes the four HTML files generated by EnergyPlus and creates an average HTML file. In addition, the AppGPostProcess utility takes the four CSV files (based on ESO files) and creates an average CSV file as well as averaging the meter CSV files (based on the MTR files). The source files must have specific names for this utility to work:













Where “fileNameRoot” can be the characters typically used to name files without extension. A single command line argument is passed to the AppGPostProcess utility which is the name of one of the HTML files. The remaining file names will be used based on any of the HTML files selected.

The utility creates the files




The numeric values in the output files are the average results from the four corresponding source files. In the HTML file, if not all the four files contain a numeric value, then the four values are displayed instead. The source files must have identical structure for AppGPostProcess to work. For CSV files, the same number of rows and the same number of columns are needed each file. This means that monthly or hourly values should be included in the CSV file, and not TimeStep values. For HTML files, the same reports should be included in each and the IDF files should be identical.

The intention is that the four baseline IDF files would be identical except for the use of the Compliance:Building object and only the value of the field “Building Rotation for Appendix G" would change.

EP-Launch can be used to run both the AppGPostProcess program by using the Utilities tab in EP-Launch. See the EP-Launch section in this document for more information on how to use EP-Launch.