Auxiliary Programs — EnergyPlus 9.4

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The parametric preprocessor used to create a series of resulting IDF files from a single source IDF file that contains parametric objects and expressions. The parametric objects in EnergyPlus are interpreted by the ParametricPreprocessor and are:

The ParametricPreprocessor reads the source IDF file and removes the Parametric objects shown above, processes these objects and any embedded expressions and produces a series of resulting IDF files, one for each “run” described by the objects.

An intermediate file called is used that contains references to all embedded expressions that will need to be substituted into the file.

An error file called parametric.err is also produced to help debug problems with the objects.

The Parametric objects are described in detail in the InputOutputReference document.

ParametricPreprocessor can be called at the command line with the name of the source file as the only argument.

The ParametricPreprocessor is used in the batch files that come with EnergyPlus and is used by EP-Launch automatically.